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Tournament Registration


2024 Tournament Schedule

WHG will be back hosting tournaments this season that will start in February.  All of our tournaments will be in Wilkes County, N.C. at our local college, high schools, and/or middle school gyms. We're very excited and blessed to have held successful tournaments in the past that have seen as many as 52 teams and we look forward to continuing that success.

We offer multi-team discounts. If you're registering multiple teams from the same organization for any particular tournament please contact Brittani Cowles.


WHG Spring Fling

April 13th, 2024
Wilkes County, N.C.


WHG Jamfest

April 27th, 2024
Wilkes County, N.C.


WHG Mother's Day Classic

May 11th, 2024
Wilkes County, N.C.


For More Info:

Any questions please email Brittani Cowles at or call/text at 336-452-9902.

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