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WHG 2030

2022 Spring Roster

Ziyah Bailey

Hannah Tucker

Penleigh Myers

Zoey Cochran

Sage Carlton

Piper Peacock

Avery Absher

Emma Mayberry

Alarie Meade

Charlie Bledsoe

Paige Anderson

Tournament Schedule

May 14th: Wilkes County

June 4th: Wilkes County

June 25th: Wilkes County


*One more tournament could potentially be added before June 25th.

Practice Schedule:

Friday: 5:00-7:00

Click the link below for this weekends tournament schedule. 

Team name: Wilkes Hoop Group or WHG



Be atleast 30 minutes early to every game. Games can start early. 

3 games guaranteed. If only 2 games are listed then the 3rd will be added depending on wins and losses in first 2. Please check with your coach after the 2nd game.

Coach: Lexi Pardue

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