Our 11th Grade girls will be a local team in the spring of 2021.  We will start practice and tryouts in late February.

Schedules will be posted by Thursday


2021 Spring Roster

11th Grade, Class of 2022

Journey Mccrimmon(Wilkes Central)

Jaden Jones(Ashe County)

Jordan Jones(Ashe County)

Kelsey Bare(Wilkes Central)

Katie Woods(Ashe County)

Tournament Schedule:

Coming soon

Practice Schedule:

Saturday TBA

Sunday   5:45-7:00(No Practice Easter Weekend)

Head Coach: Joshua Hickman

Playing Career

Josh Hickman is one of our youngest and brightest coaches at WHG and is currently a student at Appalachian State. He has played basketball for most of his life so he is very familiar with the game. He started playing AAU basketball at 8 years old and continued until he was 18. Coach Hickman played for 2 different AAU programms in his career. The Yadkin Valley Cyclones were his first AAU program that he played for before until Wilkes Hoop Group became an option. Hickman went to high school at Wilkes Central where he played all four years.


Since graduating high school Hickman has been coaching and helping train kids at WHG along side Brent Cowles and Trey Holmes over the past 3 years. He has coached several teams while at WHG. He was first brought on board to coach our 4th grade boys team before taking over our 6th grade boys and then ultimately our 8th grade girls program last season.  Our 8th grade girls program was one of our national teams and traveled in and out of the state to compete in NCAA live events which allowed our players to be watched in front of college coaches and scouts.  Hickman excelled with coaching these girls and now will solely coach our 9th grade girls national team.  The WHG family is proud to have him on board


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